Accountant Resume Examples and Templates

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Accountant Resume Examples and Templates

Accountant Resume Examples and Templates

Your capacity to establish stability and success in the financial realm will make a strong addition to any accountant resume, regardless of the type of customer you would like to work with. You can explore this subject and create engaging material for each component of your accounting job resume with the help of the following samples and ideas.

1. Create a stellar profile that includes a synopsis of your qualifications as an accountant.

The Profile section of your resume should include a brief paragraph at the top that highlights three to five major reasons why you provide excellent accounting oversight and support. By emphasizing your best attributes in this manner, you may reassure potential employers that you are qualified for the accounting position they are looking to fill.

For instance, perhaps you're known for assisting companies in finding and remove unnecessary costs. Or perhaps you’ve worked on successful initiatives for better legal compliance. Alternatively, you may have years of experience with startup budgets, and that’s a key focus of the accounting jobs you’re now after. You can also cite reasons outside your accounting work experience – for instance, a recently finished master’s degree or advanced certification that sets you apart.

Example of a Mid-Career Profile

Accountant with a track record of accomplishment, organized and able to help clients reduce expenses, balance their books, and reconcile their accounts. innately inquisitive and dedicated to learning and using new skills. Fluent in both Spanish and English, 

Example of a Senior-Level Profile

A certified public accountant (CPA) committed to increasing the profitability of businesses. Competent in creating financial reports, balancing accounts, obtaining unpaid debt, and finishing unique tasks. Adapt readily to new work demands and industry conditions.

2. Include a strong section highlighting your background as an accountant.

Provide specific instances of how you have assisted individuals or organizations in strengthening their financial situation under each previous accounting role. For instance, you might have created cost assessments that helped your company's profitability. Maybe you created a system to file your taxes faster and more accurately. Or you depleted a backlog of late payments. Examples like these show hiring managers you can generate similar fiscal solutions for their company.

If you have held non-accounting positions recently, emphasize in your job description the transferrable abilities you acquired. If you were a receptionist, you may highlight meticulous paperwork, good client interactions, or any other skills you think you'll need in your next accounting position in this job description.

Example of Entry-Level Experience

Woolworth's Incorporated, Los Angeles, CA: August 2021 until the present, accounting intern

  • Assist in preparing credit and debit paperwork for more than 150 clients
  • Encourage a weekly audit of various accounts to make sure they are accurate.
  • Arrange and uphold documentation for several customers and suppliers.
  • Work together on important projects with other interns.
  • Carry out intricate accounting tasks and provide support personnel


  • Ranked third out of fifteen team members in terms of accuracy and efficiency
  • Aided in the team leader's development four new initiatives for better internal communications and organization.

Example of Mid-Career Experience

Accounting Specialist at XYZ Accountants in Sacramento, California, from March 2015 to the current

  • Verify the accuracy of all transactions involving customers, suppliers, and staff.
  • Collaborative position involving tight collaboration with managers and other employees


  • Discovered and prevented over $250,000 in lost income due to banking mistakes
  • Five times received the title of "Accounting Expert of the Month" for exceptional diligence and accuracy
  • Improved client relations by taking proactive measures to address and resolve late payments

3. Add credentials and education relevant to accounting

Consider the Education and Certifications areas as additional opportunities to demonstrate your proficiency in assisting clients or employers with their financial well-being. Provide a brief overview of your postsecondary education, including any other degrees you may have achieved, and your highest degree in accounting or finance. Provide information about your CPA or other credentials in accounting as well. With these credentials on your resume, you can assure hiring managers you’ll draw on a solid knowledge base when offering financial analysis and solutions.

You can format the specifics of your education and certification by using the templates and examples provided below. Take note that the things in [brackets] are optional template items.



  • Title of Degree — [Concentration], Name of School, City, ST | [Year]
  • [#.# GPA] | [awards or honors from the school]

An illustration

Los Angeles University, Los Angeles, California | Bachelor of Science (BS) — Accounting (minor in Business Administration) | 2022


  • Name or Title of Certification, [Awarding Organization] | [Year]

An illustration

  • ACP, or the Association of Public Certified Accountants

4. Describe your most valuable accounting abilities and competencies.

Your resume should have a section labeled "Key Skills" that highlights the different ways you contribute to and guarantee financial success. This part should include financial reporting, complicated problem-solving, and expense reduction for most accountants. Also, you could want to list the precise technical applications or accounting software you've used, such as QuickBooks or advanced Excel (though if you've used more than five, you might want to consider separating them out into their own "Technical Skills" area). You could include the following typical accounting abilities in your "Key Skills" section:

Key Skills and Proficiencies

Accounting software (QuickBooks, Quicken)

Account reconciliation

Accounts payable and receivable

Advanced mathematics

Budget planning and forecasting

Client relations

Complex problem-solving

Cost reduction and elimination

Data gathering and analysis

Efficiency improvement

Financial report preparation

General ledger accounting

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Microsoft Office Suite

Process streamlining

Project management

Regulatory and corporate compliance

Reporting and documentation

Risk management and mitigation


Tax return preparation

Team collaboration

Time management

How to Choose the Best Template for an Accountant Resume

Accountants should utilize an easy-to-read resume template, much like professionals in most other fields. Choose a layout that will enable the hiring manager to quickly go over your most noteworthy professional accomplishments. Pick a plain typeface for your resume and stay away from templates with excessively complex or colorful designs.

Examples and Templates for Text-Only Resumes for Accountants

Arya Phlip
(123) 456-7890
Sacramento, CA 12345 


Organized accounting professional with a record of success helping clients decrease costs, balance books, and reconcile accounts. Naturally curious and committed to gaining and applying new expertise. Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish.

Key Skills

Account reconciliation
Client relations
Cost reduction and elimination
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Reporting and documentation
Statutory Accounting Principles (SAP) accounting system
Team collaboration

Professional Experience

Accounting Specialist, XYZ Accountants, Sacramento, CA | January 2015 to present
Ensure accuracy of all transactions with clients, vendors, and employees
Collaborative role working closely with managers and other staff members


Identified and averted over $250,000 in lost revenue from bank errors
Won “Accounting Expert of the Month” five times for outstanding diligence and accuracy
Enhanced client relationships by actively addressing and resolving late payments


Bachelor of Science — Accounting (minor in Business Administration),Sacramento University, Sacramento, CA


Fluency in Spanish | Proficiency in Italian

Frequently Asked Questions: Samples and Guidance for Accountant Resumes

How can you match a job posting with your resume as an accountant?
Between 2021 and 2031, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6% growth in the number of jobs for accountants. This growth rate is comparable to the average for all occupations in the United States.
Making your resume specific to each application can help you secure more interviews in this rapidly expanding sector. For instance, you might want to highlight in your Profile and Key Skills sections the collaborative nature of your experience if the job posting calls for such quality. Or let's assume the corporation works with a lot of non-English speaking partners or clients. If so, emphasize your proficiency in other languages in both your profile and as a separate section farther down the document. With adjustments like these, you can make your resume more relevant to each opportunity in your job search.