Example and Templates of Business Resumes For 2024

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Example and Templates of Business Resumes For 2024

Example and Templates of Business Resumes For 2024

Writing a Business Resume: A Guide

Your CV serves as an introduction to potential employers in today's competitive business environment, providing doors to new chances and career advancement. You need to match your CV to the exact role you want and your professional ambitions in order for it to stand out.

You'll gain useful knowledge and actual business resume samples from this tutorial. Discover how to create a compelling CV that highlights your special achievements in business and your knowledge in the field. Additionally, we'll offer writing techniques that will grab hiring managers' attention and improve your chances of landing the position of your dreams.

1. Create a compelling profile that highlights your background in business.

Your resume profile needs to be convincing and succinct. You have to grab recruiters' attention and persuade them to read on in no more than two or three sentences. To begin, carefully go over the job description and identify any keywords that best represent the abilities and credentials that the organisation is looking for. Make your profile unique to the job you're applying for, actively showcasing your ability to persuade others by highlighting some of your most noteworthy achievements and experiences. The main emphasis of a business resume profile should be on your ability to lead, think strategically, solve problems, and have a proven track record of producing outcomes. Mention your years of experience and talk about how you intend to use your skills to help the organisation succeed.

Example of a Senior-Level Profile

Manager of business with more than ten years of growth and expertise. Self-assured leader who finds and nurtures talent with great potential. Capable of identifying and seizing business opportunities, strategic planner. Quickly adjust to changing industry conditions and job challenges. Graduate School of Business Administration.

Example of Entry-Level Profile

 Recent business graduate with a solid background in entrepreneurship and internships. Innately inquisitive and dedicated to learning and using new skills. Fluent in both Spanish and English.

2. Include your business background and strong examples.

Rather than producing a lengthy list of tasks, make bullet points that highlight the things you've done to fulfill previous obligations. These must to highlight your prior accomplishments and indicate how successful you could be in the future. Quantify your experience wherever feasible to show the real difference you've made as a business professional and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

Cite precise metrics, percentages, or numbers to back up your accomplishments and highlight your capacity to produce outcomes. For example, you may draw attention to the amount of money you made, the percentage rise in earnings or sales you attained, the cost reductions you made, or the quantity of clients you were able to successfully handle. Use an action verb at the beginning of each bullet item to show how

Example of Senior-Level Professional Experience

Business Manager, at Alliance Brothers LTD, SA; January 2020 to the present

  • Examine performance indicators to find areas where your company may expand and improve.
  • Establish challenging yet realistic team objectives and inform employees of new projects.
  • Standouts: collaborated with senior management to streamline processes and projects, resulting in a 23% increase in revenue in 2020coached and inspired a team of 20 people to boost output by 42% the previous year.
  • Implemented service best practices that, in three years, increased client satisfaction by 35%.

Example of Entry-Level Professional Experience

 Owner of M.I.B Fashion House, located in East America, July 2020 until the present

  • Started and are in charge of this locally oriented T-shirt business.
  • Achieved a positive cash flow in the operating month two.
  • Work together with screen printers and suppliers.

3. Add degrees and certifications in the field of business.

Make sure to showcase your most relevant degrees, coursework, and certificates because they demonstrate your dedication to academic achievement and your awareness of current industry trends. These are important assets. In a highly competitive business environment, having proof of your skill, such as this material, can set you apart. List the degree name, the name of the institution, the location, the year of completion, and your greatest level of education first.

Emphasise your pertinent education and credentials to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the know-how and abilities needed to succeed in the industry. Your specialised knowledge is highlighted in certificates such as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Project Management Professional (PMP). Agile, Lean, or Six Sigma approaches can provide you with a competitive edge. Follow the same format for your certification section. Enumerate the certification.

Template for Certification

[Name of Certification], [Accrediting Body], [Year of Completion]

An illustration

The Project Management Institute published Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2012.

4. Provide a list of your business-related abilities and competencies.

A crucial skills segment highlights your work experience and suitability for the position. It's critical to concentrate on items on your list that directly meet the needs of the business sector. Give top priority to the abilities that demonstrate your expertise in crucial areas of business operations, and tailor the list to the particular requirements of the organisation you're applying to. The following are some instances of abilities you may list on your business resume:

Key Skills and Proficiencies

Benefits and compensation

Client satisfaction and retention

Coaching and mentoring

Contract negotiations

Corporate change leadership

Cost reduction and elimination

Cross-functional collaboration

Data gathering and analysis

Digital and social media marketing

Financial forecasting

Market trend research

Marketing strategy development

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

Organizational development

Performance management

Process redesign and improvement

Productivity and efficiency gains

Regulatory compliance

Reporting and documentation

Revenue and profit growth

How to Choose the Best Template for a Business Resume

Select a template when you're ready to put your resume together. A well-structured and tidy resume template is ideal for business professionals. To make sure that the attention is still on your professional achievements and abilities, a straightforward design is essential. Seek layouts with distinct sections and lots of white space to make them easier to read. Select one that gives you the option to customise the layout and design to meet both your unique demands and the demands of the company sector. To create a great first impression, keep the document's style consistent and professional.

Business Text-Only Resume Templates and Examples

Michael Jordan, MBA

(123) 456-7890 | [email protected] | Columbus, OH 43035 | LinkedIn 


With more than four years of experience in the supermarket industry, the leader in collaborative business. Strong understanding of pricing strategies, product mix, and personnel requirements for grocery stores. One of my recent accomplishments was inspiring a group to increase annual revenue by over 20%. Graduate School of Business Administration.

Essential Competencies

  • Complex Issue Resolving
  • Management of Projects and Programmes
  • Reporting and Record-Keeping
  • Growth in Revenue and Profit
  • Supplier Communications
  • Motivation & Team Leadership

Work Experience

May 2020 until the present, store manager, Columbia Fashion House, Columbia, UK

  • Exceeded all shop goals and increased annual sales by 10% or more between June 2021 and May 2022.
  • Product mix was adjusted to better position the store against competitors and take customer trends into account.
  • Started a community outreach programme to aid the locals and increase brand awareness

Assistant Store Manager, Columbia Fashion House, Columbia, UK June 2021 to May 2023

  • Helped hire, train, and performance-manage 30 employees
  • Actively addressed product or delivery issues with suppliers as needed


Master of Business Administration, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH | 2020

Bachelor of Business, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N

Frequently Asked Questions: Samples and Guidance for Business Resumes

Which action verbs are frequently used in business resumes?

We are aware of the difficulties you may encounter when writing the professional experience portion of your resume, especially when attempting to highlight your accomplishments. When you try to explain your company obligations, it's normal to feel like you've run out of words. We've put up a list of often used action verbs for your business CV to help you overcome this obstacle. These powerful verbs will give your bullet points energy so you can clearly express your accomplishments and contributions:

Action Verbs