Will The Metaverse Change The Recruitment Industry’s Future?

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Will The Metaverse Change The Recruitment Industry’s Future?

Will The Metaverse Change The Recruitment Industry’s Future?

At least as far as popularity and impact go, there’s no contest. The Metaverse takes the cake of the many buzzwords we’ve seen in business over the past decade. The increasing need for reduced physical interaction has made it more widespread. No thanks to Covid-19. The Metaverse is a virtual world where we can live, work, play, and go about our everyday lives.

What Is the Metaverse?

This Metaverse, in simple terms, can be described as a virtual world where people can build, own, and exchange properties. In overview, the technology that makes up this new world includes virtual reality and augmented reality. However, the Metaverse is not made up of only those parts.

Virtual reality lets you enter a virtual world even when you are not physically involved. This space can be accessed with the use of virtual reality goggles. On the other hand, augmented reality is characterized by aspects of the physical and digital worlds.

The Metaverse, therefore, is not just a technology. Instead, it is a shift in the way we interact with technology. Developers of many online games have leveraged this and have started creating games where users from all over the world can meet in a virtual environment through avatars.

If you’ve seen the movie Ready Player One, it is a typical representation of the Metaverse. This world will be powered by different software tools, applications, cloud infrastructures, and more. It will affect every aspect of life, including entertainment, education, commerce, gaming, and general social interactions.

What We Already Know

So far, Facebook and other big tech names like Apple, Microsoft, and Google are already in this new world. The health sector, education, entertainment, politics, and sports are not left out.

This idea of the Metaverse has already started receiving growing interest in recruitment. With the recent predictions made by Bill Gates, it is evident that the Metaverse is upon us.

Already, modern technology has contributed to creating alternatives to how employers and employees work. Of course, that could be blamed on the advent of Covid-19, but the introduction of Zoom and other online platforms where work can be carried out without physical presence has made life more convenient.

At least, working from home has reduced the transmission rates of the virus.

Remote jobs are on the rise these days, and many employers prefer workers working from the convenience of their homes. It increases productivity and saves the costs of transportation, reduces the risks of office hazards, and increases idea-sharing and accessibility to information.

Many companies have now adopted the use of virtual recruitment solutions. From job postings, applicant management, and recruitment, almost everything is online. Virtual environments are already in use to train and induct employees. This eliminates the barrier of geography and promotes the realities of the Metaverse

The Metaverse will undoubtedly make it more immersive, convenient, and worthwhile if all the hype around it is true. So how will Metaverse change the future of recruitment?

In this article, we will explore the current trends in the recruitment industry. We aim to see how the idea of Metaverse has started influencing the industry and what changes it’ll bring.

Metaverse and Recruitment

The idea of this parallel world is not so new. It has only gained momentum because of Covid-19 and its impacts on the world.

Before Covid-19, employers would advertise jobs in newspapers and digital outlets. Applicants would come for interviews in person. They would get trained and work in a physical environment. The pandemic changed all that. 

New systems for job listings, applications, and virtual recruitment are now in place. These systems tend to cater to remote recruitment and working experience

The recruitment industry has started adjusting to life in the Metaverse. As a result, every company is thinking of how to compete and stay relevant in this new world.

Employees now have to attend virtual interviews on Skype and Zoom. They get to work from home and attend board meetings while in bed. This is not far from what the Metaverse is about. Companies have started adopting new policies and programs to cater to this reality. In no time, the goals of the Metaverse will become a reality.

Impacts of the Metaverse in Recruitment

The Metaverse will have a direct impact on recruitment. The future of the Metaverse and the recruitment industry share are aligning. Functions such as job listings, applications, training, and recruitments will be virtual.

This will cost many businesses some vast investments.

For any company to compete and be relevant, it must invest in virtual platforms and software. This is the only way the transition will be seamless.

But in the long run, Metaverse will save costs for these businesses. Again, this is because of the absence of travels for meetings, training, interviews, etc.

The Metaverse will also impact the qualifications of applicants in demand. More companies will look to recruit IT and tech experts. Recruitment companies will need more creative and tech-inclined applicants to meet the emerging standards.

Nobody will be looking to hire a cleaner or security personnel anymore.

Here’s the deal. The demand for engineers, programmers, crypto experts, graphic designers, etc., will be high. This is good news for those with the required skill set and experience.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future of the recruitment industry will not be so far-fetched from what we already have. We are already adjusting to a life of less physical interaction and more virtual ones.

We already communicate with emails and virtual platforms like Zoom and Skype. What the Metaverse will do is bring about a more immersive experience. In a nutshell, it will expand our current experiences in a parallel world.

What is the task of recruitment companies? To find recruitment solutions that will cater to the demands of the Metaverse. These solutions are already being put in place with emerging platforms and software. Some of these measures are:

  •  job posting software,
  • applicant tracking system,
  • recruitment managing system.

These adjustments will further reduce the need for human touch and presence. This will be through applying for a job and getting hired. People will now be able to use an easy-to-use ATS recruitment system online. They can take tests and track their progress. Applicants can also go through training, on-boarding, and start working.

Seminars and conferences will be in the Metaverse. Employers can be in a meeting with clients all over the world through the virtual space.

There are lots of positives too. Imagine a world where you could apply for a job with the tap of a button. Where recruiters cannot even ‘close for the day or fail to reply to your emails. The Metaverse is always open. Thus recruiters and companies will be more accessible. 

Thanks to AI, applicants won’t have to wait for long in queues for screening. It eliminates the stress of traveling for interviews and geographical barriers. Applicants can work about anywhere, in any country, without leaving their house.

With the advent of Covid-19, many of these are already in place. For example, there are many recruitment centers and hiring fairs. What’s more? Companies have even started redesigning their digital space according to the trends.


The Metaverse is only still a concept and not a reality. However, the Metaverse will soon be a reality. At least, if Zuckerberg’s recent championing of ‘Meta’ in interviews is anything to go by.

This new world will no doubt change the style of recruitment. The industry is already bracing up for it with various systems in place. Yet, how the Metaverse will change the recruitment industry is still quite uncertain.

But, with the wave of current trends in the sector, influenced by Covid-19, we can have an idea of how the future will be.

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