What Skills Do Employers Want In A Person Straight Out Of School/College?

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What Skills Do Employers Want In A Person Straight Out Of School/College?

What Skills Do Employers Want In A Person Straight Out Of School/College?

Are you ready to start your first job after graduating from college? Prepare to put your skills to the test. Employer surveys emphasize the importance of having solid critical skills, transferable abilities, the capacity to network, and, most importantly, the correct mindset. Whether you're seeking a graduate post or expecting to go directly into employment, identifying your skills will help you narrow down which occupations would be a suitable fit for you.

However, as a fresh graduate, there are some staple skills you should possess. As a newbie with entry-level knowledge, these skills would give most employers the faith they need to have in you.  

Whether you're applying for a higher or degree apprenticeship, a sponsored degree, or a school leaver program, there are eight essential skills you'll need. These soft critical talents are high on employers' wish lists since they will help you succeed in your work, especially as an amateur.

Top 8 Skills That Will Land You A Job 

Without further ado, here are ten essential abilities that employers seek. You'll be well on your way to your first paycheck if you can demonstrate that you have these crucial skills;

  1. Problem-Solving Capabilities:

Seventy-nine percent of companies prefer to see new college graduates with strong problem-solving abilities. Many hiring managers utilize behavioral interview questions to measure a job candidate's problem-solving ability, such as "tell me about a time when" or "give me an example of." As a result, you should develop anecdotes that portray you as a problem solver.

You do not need work experience to demonstrate that you are a problem solver. Consider moments when you were proactive, innovative, or very responsive to a situation, such as when you assisted in resolving a customer complaint while working at the campus coffee shop. Even better: Demonstrate that you took the initiative to identify and then remedy a problem.

  1. Commercial Consciousness:

Profit is one of the primary goals of business. You'll have no trouble increasing your commercial awareness if you're interested in what companies and organizations do and how they work. Allow yourself some time to learn about your possible employer when applying for a place on a school leaver program or an apprenticeship. Read up on them online: go to their website and see what credible news sources say about them. You don't have to become an in-depth expert, but knowing what they do and why will give you confidence and help you come across as conscientious and well-informed. It will also help demonstrate that you are ready to leave the classroom and grab the bull by the horn.

  1. Persuasion and Negotiation:

Can you persuade someone to spend when they haven't budgeted? Have you ever had to resolve a problem, close a transaction, convince someone, or find a middle ground solution? Negotiating entails seeing another person's point of view; it necessitates a flexible mindset, as you may adjust your stance in light of what you learn about someone else's.

Sales and marketing dominate practically every aspect of corporate life. And those necessitate a high level of bargaining. That necessitates a credible proposal. You may, for example, begin by persuading a renowned firm to hire an amateur. It is critical to hone this particular skill.

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration:

While college group projects can sometimes be taxing, they will prepare you for your future professional environment. Teamwork is required for professions across the board. From construction to marketing, nursing to acting, teamwork, and collaboration are essential to the successful operation of any organization or corporation.

The organization or firm will grow and succeed if you engage and collaborate with your coworkers. Everyone brings a unique skill set to the table. You may get a better conclusion or idea by communicating with your coworkers than you would have alone. When you arrive at your new job with strong teamwork abilities already under your belt, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

  1. Leadership Capabilities:

It's a lofty order: A high percent of hiring managers prefer candidates with strong leadership abilities. Believe it or not, there are ways to demonstrate to potential employers that you have leadership potential before you even enter the field.

Highlight any leadership positions you held in college (for example, president of the French club) on your CV. If you were the unofficial leader of a collaborative effort, talk about it during the job interview. Obtain letters of recommendation from previous internship bosses that speak to your leadership abilities. If you have it, be loud about it.

  1. Technical Skills:

Technical abilities complete this three-way tie. Many sectors, not just those in technology, require employees with specialized skills. For example, 67.8 percent of hiring managers believe fresh graduates should have technical capabilities. Describe how you've used your technical knowledge in the past. For instance, if your CV states that you have Java experience, it should also state how you used the program on a specific project in college.

  1. Excellent Work Ethic:

A high percentage of employers consider you for a position at their organization, being dedicated to and involved with your work is essential in every sector. The best part is that you don't need prior work experience to exhibit a strong work ethic. All you have to do is come there on time, be dedicated to producing quality jobs, and aim for continuous improvement.

  1. Confidence:

Are you confident? Or can you appear to be, even when you're scared – which is the same thing from an employer's perspective? Your self-assurance will be seen in the way you express yourself on your application as well as in your body language during interviews and assessment centers. However, keep in mind that there is a difference between confidence and swagger, and pride. 

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