Premium Professional Resume Word Wine

Premium Professional Resume Word Wine


With its clean layout and bold header, the premium resume template gives all job seeker’s resume a refine yet professional appearance.

Clean, sleek, and professional is how we’d describe our “Premium” resume template.

It boasts a colorful contact header and displays your name in Proza Libre font, followed by clearly labeled resume sections and even a skill bar so you can show your potential employer exactly how competent you are in each area.

We’d recommend the “Premium” resume template for those in an art-related field, such as a graphic designer or even for an art teacher. 

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1. You don’t have to install any fonts for this template. If you want to change fonts, there are plenty to choose from in Microsoft Word.

2. To change the color of the template, right-click on the colorful area and choose “Format Shape,” then “Fill,” and “Color.”

3. Read the instructions we provided in the template, and get to work!

4. If you want more tips on creating an amazing resume that gets results, sign up for our online course, how to create a job-winning resume.

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