Nova Word Cover letter

Nova Word Cover Letter


Using our professional Cover letter template means you can be sure all the information you need is included and presenting in the best possible way. Our customizable templates can help you achieve this and increase your chances of landing your ideal position!

  • A Document template in a simple two-column format 
  • Easy and free to download in Microsoft Word or Pages
  • An appealing basic design in dark blue that’s easy to personalize to your needs

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1. You don’t have to install any fonts for this template. If you want to change fonts, there are plenty to choose from in Microsoft Word.

2. To change the color of the template, right-click on the colorful area and choose “Format Shape,” then “Fill,” and “Color.”

3. Read the instructions we provided in the template, and get to work!

4. If you want more tips on creating an amazing resume that gets results, sign up for our online course, how to create a job-winning resume.

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