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Vivano Beddings & More

Stock Associate

Quality Control & Assurance

Nigeria - Lagos | Full Time | NGN 75,000 - 150,000

Job Description/Requirements

Key Responsibility Area (KRA)

KRA 1: Inventory Management

  • Ensure adequate inventory; prevent shortages and avoid having too much in the warehouse
  • Checking, counting or otherwise measuring stock to ensure that records are accurate and that no losses are occurring due to pilfering, theft, damage or poor storage
  • Set minimum stock levels for each product
  • Ensure product stock is adequate for all distribution channels and can cover direct demand from customers; avoiding insufficiencies or excessive surplus
  • Record daily deliveries and shipments to reconcile inventory
  • Apply the ‘FIFO’ rule; it means that stocks acquired first (first-in) should get sold first (first-out). To effectively put this system in place, you should place your new products at the back and make sure your existing products stay in the front for easy access.
  • Report to Management on stock levels, issues etc.
  • Conduct a Bi-annual audit of stock in all retail outlets and reconciling differences
  • Carry out spot checks in the outlets to ensure accuracy at least once a month.
  • Receive and Process product requisition and ensure they are sent out to locations Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays


  • Packing, organizing and retrieving stock
  • Receive and track shipments
  • Accommodate and carefully handle fragile merchandise
  • Track and document exact shipment arrival and departure times
  • Tag, label and stockpile merchandise according to size, shape, and type.
  • Box, wrap and pack the merchandise in accordance with relevant procedures and standards
  • Prepare all orders for shipment
  • Record and manage all impaired or damaged merchandise items
  • Accurately maintain records showing the movement of items in and out of the warehouse.
  • Ensure that all inventories are secured and safely stored away to avoid theft and unauthorized access to the same.

KRA 3:  Quality control

  • ensure that all your products look great and are working well
  • Goods should be checked systematically for quality, faults identified and the affected batch weeded out. This will allow you to raise any problems with your supplier and at the same time demonstrate the safety and quality of your product.
  • Recorded stock must always tally with the physical items; with a ≤2% human error rate.
  • Ensure that the products sent into the market comply with the set standard for quality. In other words, ensure that the product ready for sale is perfect and free of defects.

Necessary experience and knowledge:

  • Minimum of OND
  • 2-4 years work experience 
  • Sound knowledge of MS Office package, SAGE and record-keeping
  • Ability to work with a high level of discretion and confidentiality
  • Product knowledge
  • Working knowledge of Cataloging system

Requisite Soft Skills

  • Effective and very good communication skills (written and oral)
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Problem-solving attitude and skills
  • High service-orientation
  • Strong time management skills

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