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React Native And Expo Developer


South Africa - Sandton, South Africa | Full Time | Confidential

Sandton, South Africa AV Group Full time

React Native and Expo Developer

Our international client has an expo-managed app and wants to upgrade it with the latest Expo and latest packages. They are looking for a React Native Developer to assist with this

Key responsibilities:

⦁You will be required to create a flexible and well-structured front-end architecture along with APIs to support it.

⦁The React Native developer will make visualizations that can render huge quantities of data.

⦁Plan the data and presentation layer of the applications front-end


⦁Demonstratable experience using React-Native for app production (Non-Negotiable)

⦁Demonstratable experience using Expo framework (advantage)

⦁Familiarity with JavaScript

⦁Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS

⦁In-depth knowledge of React.js and its fundamentals

⦁Knowledge of UI/UX designs and wireframes

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