Mike Igbokwe (SAN) & Co

Practice Manager

Legal Services

Nigeria - Lagos | Full Time | NGN Confidential

Job Description/Requirements


  • Be responsible for and supervise legal staff. 
  • Ensure lawyers meet set deadlines and act in line with the Mission of Mi.
  • Generally manage the law practice and day-to-day operations of Mi. 


  • Strive to achieve Mi’s administrative and business objectives. 
  • Enforcing all rules in the Staff Manual.  
  • Take minutes of Management meetings and the implementation of decisions reached.  
  • Manage and update inventory and ensure adequate levels of stock. 
  • Administer office insurance, vehicles particulars, lawyers’ practising fees, lawyers’ stamp and seal, national identity card, etc. 
  • With the Accountant, ensure that outstanding fees and bills are promptly paid. 
  • Administer and ensure that the annual subscriptions of Mi to all local and foreign associations to which it belongs are paid at the beginning of the year or as and when due and file the evidence of such payments. 
  • Sift through potential job applications for positions in Mi and orientate new staff into Mi. 
  • Evaluate vendors and their services (negotiate prices, ensure product quality etc).  
  • Execute law office refurbishment (e.g systems installations, employee  workspaces etc) 
  • Managing the office’s Health Management Organisation. 
  • Supervise, maintain and manage all IT-related software and facilities used in Mi, including but not limited to fittings, office premises etc.  
  • Ensure proper recordkeeping of assets and books in the Library. 
  • Ensure proper recordkeeping and maintenance of clients’ and court files.  

Human Resources Management 

  • Maintain a comprehensive Employee Records Management System  (including but not limited to, employee data, leave dates, sick days, training, salary reviews, promotions, appraisals, disciplinary actions  etc.) 
  • Address employee grievances and conduct investigations with other employees or Mi.  
  • Conduct staff appraisals twice yearly and make recommendations to  Management arising from these appraisals.  
  • Develop succession planning strategies for key positions in Mi. 

General Management 

  • Full compliance with the core values of Mi. 
  • Market Mi’s services and bring in new work to Mi.  
  • Imbibe a diligent culture in client care and service.  
  • Conduct employee auditing and assessment upon commencement of employment.  
  • Send reports of daily tasks to Management at the close of business each day.  
  • Engage in business development by creating business opportunities to identify, nurture and maintain new clients.  
  • Bring in new briefs amounting to no less than N10, 000, 000 (Ten Million  Naira) in the first six months.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience 

  • Managerial experience over a 3-year period in a legal professional establishment.  
  • Word-processing and team-building skills.  
  • Tact and resilience, in addition to a display of an assertive manner in handling people, are key qualities.  
  • Organizational and leadership ability. 
  • Good oral and written English commands.

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