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Job Summary

An internal control officer is responsible for conducting evaluations of the organization to assess risk and compliance with regulations. An Internal Auditor, or IA, is responsible for keeping all departments accountable regarding internal company procedures and industry rules. Their duties include studying accounting records, preparing compliance reports, and supervising company workflows. Internal auditors are accounting professionals who provide organizations with guidance on financial accuracy, internal controls, and regulatory compliance. They examine and improve operating practices, and financial and risk management processes of the organization. We are looking for an objective Internal Auditor to add value and improve our operations by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The successful candidate will possess a thorough knowledge of accounting procedures and sound judgment.

  • Minimum Qualification:Degree
  • Experience Level:Mid level
  • Experience Length:2 years

Job Description/Requirements


  • Conduct timely implementation of risk-based internal audits as directed by the controller complying with the annual audit plan. 
  • Assist on various audit projects and matters and ensure to have an initial focus on revenue assurance. 
  • Conduct risk evaluation of assigned functional area or department in an established timeframe. 
  • Contribute to Office of Internal Oversight as well as Evaluation Services (IES) risk evaluation of internal audit of the organization. 
  • Implement internal audit tasks in areas of risk management and internal control. 
  • Perform all assigned audit assignments at financial, operational, and administrative processes and systems. 
  • Evaluate internal audit suitability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and internal controls effectiveness. 
  • Identify the level of conformance with established rules, regulations, policies, and procedures; 
  • Examine validity and reliability of financial, accounting, and other data and report any deviations. 
  • Participate in audit engagement planning, reporting, scoping, execution and follow-up as defined. 
  • Study and learn company policy and procedures.
  • Evaluate comprehensive business processes and transactions to analyze the productiveness of controls and risk alleviation. 
  • Identify internal audit control environment enhancement opportunities.
  • Conduct testing adhering to accreditation and varied regulatory requirements. 
  • Support development of internal audit programs for operational audits and special reviews etc.


  • 2 years minimum Internal Control and Audit experience in the Merchandizing Business
  • Minimum high school education or equivalent required. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience preferred
  • Working knowledge of the computer (MS Office, ERP understanding)
  • Ability to do minimum travel, change schedule, adapt to the needs of the position
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written in addition to  strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to maneuver around the Finance, Inventory, sales floor, stockroom, and branches
  • Ability to display mental prowess and cognitive distinctions.

Strategic Success Factors: 

  • Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving: The job holder is required to think a lot, especially about the impact of audits on the recommendations on the staff, organization, and the public at large. S/he must analyze risk and come up with recommendations that require tough remedial actions. 
  • Consequences of Error: Internal audit is relied on heavily by management and governance to give an indication of controls and risks within the organization, if a material error is overlooked, this can lead to serious repercussions. The job requires one to be objective and independent in thought. 
  • Service Delivery and Customer Focus: The job holder provides advisory and assurance services to internal customers and builds the confidence of Obiwezy that the resources invested in  Obiwezy are put to proper use. S/he builds confidence among external clients by ensuring that donors, riparian states, and their laws are complied with,  influences resource mobilization by Obiwezy, and ensures laws of various states are respected through compliance checks. 
  • Information Resources: The job holder is the custodian of sensitive financial and general data which is stored for future reference and audit as and when the time arises. 
  • Financial and Physical Resources: The job holder reviews financial records and ensures these records are not tampered with and stored securely. S/he is responsible for various company assets that facilitate him/ her in the performance of the duties as required by the office e.g. computer, file cabinet, secure office, laptop, safe box, telephone. 
  • Dexterity: The job holder requires to have high concentration and be alert as his/her role requires high accuracy and attention to detail in financial management and analysis. S/he requires accurate hand/eye coordination to process data.  
  • Mental/Sensory Demand: The job holder requires a high level of financial analysis, risk management skills, report writing, high integrity level, attention to detail, and the ability to check and advise on work processes and systems. 
  • Strikes a proper balance between effective delegation and appropriate supervision.

Required Skills: 

  • Risk Management Skills: The ultimate aim of internal auditors is to reduce the overall business and operational risks to which the company may be vulnerable. This requires a  thorough understanding of risk management principles and their application in the real world. In addition to identifying risks, internal auditors are also expected to come up with plans and implementation strategies in order to better control and monitor those risks in the future. This means that the role is not only about identifying problems but also remedying them. 
  • Problem-solving skills: Internal auditors can come across complex problems on a daily basis. For example, consider a situation where you need to figure out how to process a  massive database of transactions for any errors or intentional manipulation. As another example, consider a situation where you detect an operational error and have to devise a mechanism to prevent and control it in the future. Such problems require out-of-the-box thinking and the ability to tap into previous experience in order to solve them. A multidisciplinary approach is usually called for which combines operational, technological, risk management, and business principles. 
  • Accounting Experience: Accounting experience is always preferred as the internal audit function has a  lot in common with the role of accountants. It is for this reason that most internal auditors have an accounting background or even professional accounting certifications. 
  • Project Management Skills: Some internal audit tasks can be big enough to qualify as independent projects in their own right. Auditors must then put on their project management hats in order to effectively plan, execute and report on such audit missions. Planning for audit projects starts with understanding the goals of the project, the resources available, the timelines, manpower needs, cross-department support, external consultants, etc. Once the requirements are in place, a plan must be drawn up and goals, deliverables, and responsibilities stated. Then the actual execution begins where the internal audit team must communicate with all other business functions in order to get the relevant data and other information necessary for them to perform their audit mission. This is followed by data analysis and other checks and ends with a final audit report prepared for management. 
  • Product Knowledge: In order to successfully audit a business function or process, a deep and thorough understanding of the underlying product or service is necessary. Some products can be quite complex and internal auditors need to have the necessary product knowledge to effectively perform their duties. While an internal auditor working at Obiwezy, S/he need to understand how the head office works, how the inventory operates, how the distribution centers operate, how the sales offices handle their data, how the service centers perform their roles, what the tasks assigned to third party vendors and so on.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Internal auditors look at regulatory reports and also need to audit financial statements and the data that goes into them. This requires a thorough understanding of local laws related to their business as well as international accounting and reporting standards. 
  • Communication Skills: Internal auditors spend a lot of time gathering data and information from other teams and communicating the result of their audits with management and leadership. Both of these tasks require exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Effective communication is necessary in order to get the relevant data from the correct people and at the right time. Similarly, corporate leadership expects concise and to-the-point results which internal auditors must effectively communicate to them. 
  • Data Analytics: Internal audit is a rather data-driven function that necessitates the use of advanced computational and data analytics techniques. This is why many  Obiwezy prefers candidates with data analytics and computational programming experience of some sort.  
  • Leadership Skills: Internal auditors are expected to lead a team of professionals in order to achieve their goals. This requires team management, budgeting, task allocation,  coordination, conflict management, and all the other skills needed to run a department effectively.  

Requirements: NGN 140,000 Gross during probation, After probation pay is NGN 180,000 Gross.

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