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Job Summary

The job holder will be responsible for preparing contracts, negotiating contract terms, reviewing, and updating existing contracts, explaining terms and conditions to the interested parties, analysing potential risks, monitoring potential causes of disagreement, identifying opportunities for claim/extra work, and sustaining them by contractual requests, maintaining a record of the contracts, and creating language standards for both prevailing and new contracts.

  • Minimum Qualification:Degree
  • Experience Level:Senior level
  • Experience Length:5 years

Job Description/Requirements


  • Work with the Commercial Executive to study the risk profile and the strategy definition to deal with critical situations that may occur during the bidding phase and project.
  • Review the contract documents in detail ("Contract Review") and carry out reasonableness checks and compliance with Pivot standards. Assist in negotiation of same.
  • Review all flow-down requirements and document the same.
  • Review all insurance requirements and ensure coverage is in place. 
  • Provide support to the Project Manager, upon contract award, to study the risk profile and the strategy definition to deal with critical situations that may occur during the project.
  • Review the contract documents in detail ("Contract Review") and carry out a periodical analysis to verify the correct management and application 
  • Prepare and review all documentation that has implications for the Company prior to it leaving the business 
  • Ensure all flow down requirements are passed down through the tiers of contracting and assist in the negotiation of same.
  • Assist the Project Manager in the preparation of requests for contract clarification or deviations and/or changes, to be addressed to the Client, when the needs for deviation from the contract occur, or contradictions or misunderstandings in contract documents are met.
  • Verify the formal correctness of contractual documents, to make sure that they are complete, clear, and readable.
  • Assist the Project Manager in the identification of the conditions for the enforcement of suppliers and/or Subcontractor’s guarantees (Company and bank), and the conditions for the resolution of sub-contracts.
  • Assist the Project Manager in the identification of requirements and events that give the right to a refund of any guarantees previously given to the Client.
  • Monitor and report on time to the Project Manager and to the functional representative any risk situation of disagreement with Clients, partners and/or Suppliers/Subcontractors with the aim of avoiding them, if possible.
  • Collect evidence that may be cause for receivable/payable Claim to/from the Client, under the Contract and applicable law, by providing adequate preparation and filing documents that must be used.
  • Assist the Project Manager in the formalization of Extra Works and claims, participating in the preparation of documentation, quantification of the time and cost of the project by checking the correctness of each statement issued there. Supporting the Project Manager during the presentation and negotiation.
  • Assist the Project Manager with Legal-Technical reports relating to accidents or non-conformities under the contract.
  • Support the Project Manager in the preparation of the project Close-Out report, ensuring the data collection related to contractual deviations.
  • Analyse contracts to ensure they comply with state and federal laws and regulations 
  • Advise relevant parties/ departments of contractual rights and obligations.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Engineering, Economics, Law, or Finance is required; an advanced degree in business administration or related fields such as economics, accounting, or mathematics is strongly preferred 
  • 5+ years prior experience in a contract administration role or a related field 
  • Previous experience in the management of projects with high economic value and complexity is an asset.
  • Strong knowledge of business financial best practices 
  • Detailed understanding of contract law 
  • Excellent language comprehension and reading skills 
  • Previous experience in customer service 
  • Fast Learner and Goal-oriented
  • Keen attention to detail. High sense of responsibility, accountability, and integrity
  • Extensive Knowledge of Microsoft Office application

Competency and Skills:

  • Superior attention to detail to spot inconsistencies in contracts
  • Strong negotiation and mediation skills
  • Excellent analytical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Able to work productively independently and as part of a team
  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal
  • Meet deadlines with accuracy 
  • Exhibit strong organizational and time management abilities 
  • Ability to multi-task effectively
  • Sound knowledge of Project management.

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