Why you may be failing at getting a new job

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Why you may be failing at getting a new job

Why you may be failing at getting a new job

There are a lot of job seekers out there, which means you'll be up against some stiff competition. If you've been looking for a new job for some time but have yet to receive an offer, it's time to rethink your options. 

If you've sent out your CV and filled out applications but haven't received a response, these are some of the possible problems you're having.

But, first and foremost, if you aren't receiving job interviews, you should concentrate on your CV. Your CV just has one purpose: to get you an interview. If that isn't the case, work on refining the document in any manner you can, beginning with delivering a customized CV for each job.

If necessary, you can even use a professional resume writing service.

You could be portraying yourself as desperate.

Honesty isn't always the greatest policy, particularly during a job interview. Before you respond to queries such as why you want to quit your current job or why you want to work for our company, you should consider your options.

Instead of being entirely honest about your current position and saying that you will welcome any opportunity to leave it, give a clever response. Discuss how you will fit in well with the new team and how the role will provide you with plenty of possibilities to learn. It would make you appear focused, passionate, and not desperate for the job.

You haven't tried a variety of job-search strategies.

The most obvious locations to seek for and apply for employment are job boards like Indeed,Glassdoor , etc, they aren't the only ones! Don't get us wrong: job boards are great for locating and applying for jobs, but there are occasions when you need to go above and beyond.

Have you looked for jobs on social media or on the company's website? Have you contacted any relevant recruiters in your field? Have you asked your relatives and friends if they know of any possible prospects or people with whom you could speak? When looking for a job, there are many options available to you, so take advantage of them all.

Salary goals that are unrealistic

When transferring jobs, it is everyone's right to ask for a fair rise and benefits, but having unreasonable expectations might make you appear greedy. Do your homework and acquire an idea of the salary range of professionals with similar profiles and work experience before you tell the interviewer how much you anticipate to be paid annually. Also, be willing to be a little flexible and bargain for the best possible deal.

You haven't made any job-search objectives for yourself.

Obviously, getting a job is the ultimate goal of any job search, but staying positive and motivated throughout the route can be difficult. This is why you must devise a strategy. You may stay motivated and feel like you have accomplished something every day by creating daily and weekly targets or job search goals.

Make a schedule for how much time you'll spend looking for employment and applying for them. Set a goal for yourself to apply for X jobs per day. You should approach your job hunt as if it were a full-time job, so manage your days wisely and take breaks when necessary.

You haven't received any responses to your applications.

Is there anything more aggravating than putting forth time and effort into applications only to receive no response from the organizations to whom you applied? Whether this is a recurring issue for you, you should review your CV to see if this is the source. Examine your CV thoroughly to ensure that you haven't committed any errors. 

  • Are your contact information up to date?
  • Have you made any grammatical or spelling mistakes?
  • Is it simple to read your CV?
  • Have you customized your CV for each job application?
  • Are there any holes in your knowledge that you can't explain?
  • Is the length of your CV adequate (preferably no more than two pages)?

There are occasions when it is not your fault.

You can sometimes blame it on fate and the corporate world. There's a chance that the hiring budget will be diverted to another department, or that the hiring managers may change the KRA (Key Responsibility Area) of the job opening and recruit individuals from a different specialization. All you can do is maintain a pleasant demeanor and keep in touch with the business so that you are informed of any future employment openings. It's also critical to have a positive attitude and keep looking for additional career opportunities.

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