Reasons You May Be Struggling On Your Career Path

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Reasons You May Be Struggling On Your Career Path

Reasons You May Be Struggling On Your Career Path

How often have you heard or read the term "discover your passion?" When you hear something enough times, it kind of becomes registered at the back of one’s mind, subconsciously.

You want to be inspired, driven, energized, and content at work: a profession you can be proud of and a life you enjoy. There's just one item you need to find first.

If you haven't found your passion yet, you should start seeking. If you're not completely satisfied and engaged at work or in business, it's because you haven't found it yet. If you're not looking for it, you're not living fully.


Thousands of career changers have witnessed that the idea of 'finding your passion' can often throw you off-track. Rather than setting you on the proper track, the concept of 'finding your passion' CAN OFTEN THROW YOU OFF-TIME. No doubt, it'd feel amazing to make money off what you love doing, but sometimes, some structure has to be put in place. So that one doesn't go on a wild goose chase. This brings the question, why do you feel like you're struggling on your journey?

This is why:

3 Reasons You Feel Stuck on Your CareerJourney

Finding a job route that is perfect for you is critical to your long-term career success; however, many people struggle with picking a meaningful career path. It is not only high school seniors or those just beginning a job training program who struggle to choose a career. Even employed individuals find themselves torn between employment options. According to Forbes, despite our best efforts, there are times when the proper answer remains elusive no matter how much we examine, contemplate, and meditate.

  1. Lack of experience:

A valid reason you may find it challenging to choose a career route is a lack of job experience. There are times when simply interacting with people who work in a field you're interested in isn't enough. You may be able to overcome this obstacle by participating in more training. Indeed, career training schools can assist students in broadening their talents. Externships are also commonly included in many curricula.

The benefit of these professional training programs is that they frequently provide you with the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience before you graduate. If you want to work in healthcare, you might do an externship at a hospital or clinic. During training, you will get the opportunity to practice actual real-life medical operations. This helps you build your skillset and allows you to decide if that career is suited for you.

  1. Picking an area of study too soon:

The third reason why choosing a career path may be strict may surprise you. You may be having difficulty deciding on a career since you select your field of study too quickly. You must have all of the information you require while deciding on your area of specialization. Choosing a subject of study too soon may cause you to change your mind later, causing you to take longer to complete your training and enter your field.

If you're not sure what career path you want to take, talk to someone in career services. Career schools have career services consultants who can answer your inquiries and handle your problems. They can provide you with vital advice in various areas ranging from professional training to job expectations.

  1. Lack Of Research:

First, you may not have done enough research on career possibilities that interest you. For example, you may not have researched job locations, required training, and the prognosis for occupations you are interested in. You may not have acquired enough information on Michigan licensing or certification requirements, work expectations, or market trends.

  • The journey to finding a career that is right for you begins with:

  • Diligent research

  • Introspection

  • Dialogue(especially with people with more experience or role models)

Discuss various occupations with family and friends. Discuss job options with people who are already working in such professions. If you want to own a beauty salon in L.A. for example, ask the owner of the salon where you get your hair done what it's like to work as a cosmetologist. Inquire with the salon owner about what it's like to run a salon. Learn how to hire employees, pay business taxes, and attract more clients. Power comes from knowledge! Having personal experience from someone in the profession can help you decide if this is an appropriate career option for you.

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