Jobs Of The Future- What Jobs Don't Exist Now But Would Be Relevant In 5 To 10 Years?

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Jobs Of The Future- What Jobs Don't Exist Now But Would Be Relevant In 5 To 10 Years?

Jobs Of The Future- What Jobs Don't Exist Now But Would Be Relevant In 5 To 10 Years?

There's a wildfire going hand in hand with revolution. These days, it is often believed that future jobs are not taught in schools. Do you believe that? Plus, have you ever wondered what job would be in high-demand, in, let's say, 10 years?

Businesses come and go, and only a tiny percentage survive through the generations. Even some of the biggest names in the industry today are unlikely to make it into the next century. Things evolve, and economies change. There's not much anything anyone could do about it. And when that happens, the jobs shift as well.

Here's the smart thing to do. Be equipped and learn ahead on how the markets evolve. With extensive knowledge, it's easier to be aware of the endangered careers and the ones to print $80,000 yearly. Therefore in this piece, we'd shed more light on jobs that didn't exist the last decade but do now and jobs that would be relevant in five to ten years.

5 Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

Before we take a leap into the future, let's take a cue from the past and present. Here are five jobs that exist now but were irrelevant ten years ago;

  1. Social Media Influencer:

The importance of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and now TikTok in the vast marketplace cannot be exaggerated. Using social media influencers to promote a product or service is one of the tactics. To summarize, if a social media personality has one, two, or ten million followers, that person will be a desirable target for businesses, whether it is a paid place in a video or a shoutout in a tweet.

  1. Blockchain Analyst:

BTC and ETH have almost become popular money-lingo terms. A rising number of organizations are migrating to blockchain, as they did to cloud computing several years ago. To not miss out on the train, these companies are enlisting the help of blockchain researchers. They create and deploy assets and accelerators that can aid in developing a blockchain-enabled infrastructure for the future.

  1. Uber Driving:

There are over five million Uber and Lyft drivers worldwide. These companies have completely transformed the transportation game and expanded beyond passenger transportation to include food delivery and courier services. It's been incredible to watch in real-time. The demand is on the rise, and many people jumped on board.

  1. Drone Operator:

Drones were primarily used in the military. A decade later, they are being used in various businesses, ranging from real estate to transportation to content development. If you have prior experience working with a drone, your skills are in high demand now than before.

  1. Podcast Producer:

Nowadays, who doesn't listen to a podcast? According to estimates, there are around 850,000 podcasts with over 30 million episodes. With half of US customers over the age of 12 listening to podcasts, this is a sizable industry. Everyone is joining in on the fun. Podcast producers are in their heyday as podcasts become increasingly popular among industry power players.

8 Jobs That Will Exist In 10 Years

Now that we've taken a cue on history, here are eight jobs that are predicted to be in higher demand for the next decade. 

  1. Nursing Assistant:

Nursing assistants work in medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes under the supervision of certified nurses. Their responsibilities include:

  • Taking vital signs.

  • Assisting patients with personal hygiene.

  • Serving food.

  • Keeping a record of patients' health.

  1. Software Developers:

Software engineers create and write software that runs on computers and smartphones. Software development entails determining what users require, building and testing software to satisfy those requirements, upgrading existing programs, and maintaining and documenting software to ensure that it continues to function correctly in the future.

  1. Home Health Aid:

Home health aides provide care to clients in their homes, such as assisting with everyday duties such as clothing and personal hygiene, ensuring clients take their medications regularly, and collaborating with medical specialists to maintain their health. A large number of home health aides deal with the elderly.

  1. Financial Manager:

Many people believe they'd get the hang of money matters until they don't. Financial managers monitor an organization's income and expenditures to increase profits and reduce costs. They provide financial reports, handle investments, and assist with the long-term financial goals of the firm. From SME's to Large scale businesses, the demand for FMs is predicted only to get higher.

  1. Physical Therapists:

Physical therapists work with persons who have injuries or illnesses that cause discomfort and move difficult. They employ techniques like stretches or other exercises and body manipulation to assist patients in improving their mobility and reducing discomfort. Sometimes, a human's touch is all that's needed. Many machines don't just get it. 

  1. Construction Manager:

When you drive by a construction site, you will often observe many construction workers engaged in the hands-on work of building. Construction managers aren't always visible on the scene, but they're always present in the background. They are involved in every stage of the building process, from determining the initial cost to supervising workers and ensuring that the job is up to code.

  1. Speech-Language Pathologist:

A speech-language pathologist collaborates with patients to diagnose and treat communication and swallowing issues. Their duties include creating tailored therapy plans and instructing patients on muscle-building exercises and ways to increase their vocabulary, sentence organization, and capacity to generate sounds. 

  1. Information Security Analyst

Businesses employ information security experts to safeguard their computer networks and systems against cybercrime. These professionals install antivirus software and other measures to secure sensitive data, monitor for security breaches, investigate them when they occur, and ensure hackers are kept at bay. Their entire job revolves around ensuring data is safe, especially in a time where information theft is on the rise.


It's incredible to consider how much life has changed in the last decade. Our daily lives have been affected by the progress of civilization, from how we consume content to the type of content that is created. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what has changed or become new additions to the global economy. This is not a terrible thing, though, but it's best to stay on track ahead of time and evolve as well.

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