How to Say Thank you After a Job Offer (With Examples)

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How to Say Thank you After a Job Offer (With Examples)

How to Say Thank you After a Job Offer (With Examples)

After you applied, you got the job, you aced the interview, and now what? If you choose to accept the offer, it is courteous to write a thank-you letter for a job offer. You will kick off your new job by making this kind and professional gesture to your new employer. A thank-you letter for a job offer is addressed to the hiring manager or the individual who made the hiring decision. It should express your excitement about joining the team and your gratitude for the opportunity. If you choose to write a thank-you email rather than a handwritten letter, the same strategies apply.

What is a thank-you letter for a job offer?

A professionally written thank-you note for a job offer is a great method to express your gratitude to a prospective employer for making you an offer to work for their organization. This letter of follow-up serves as your way of saying thank you for the offer. It may also entail formally accepting or declining the offer. The letter may be sent as a hard copy, an email, or as a file attachment.

Reasons to write a thank-you note after accepting a job offer

Your job offer thank-you note establishes the tone for your working relationship with your new employer, should you decide to accept the position. You can use the letter to indicate that you would like to stay in touch with the organization in the event that you decide not to accept the position; this could lead to future employment opportunities. Because of this, a thank-you note for a job offer is an important career tool.

How to draft a thank-you letter for a job offer

A thank-you note for a job offer should have a few essential elements. You may write a superb one by following these seven (7) essential steps:

Express gratitude

Express your gratitude to the hiring manager and any other new people you have met for their time and effort. Before selecting you, they conducted numerous interviews and resume screenings for potential candidates. Always express your gratitude for their choice of you for a position. The title of the post you accepted should be mentioned in your thank-you note.

An illustration:

I want to formally thank you and Mr. Frank for the meeting and for giving me the opportunity to become the manager of compliance for your business.

I wanted to express my gratitude for considering me for the XYZ Company marketing supervisor post.

Express Your Enthusiasm

You want the hiring manager to know that you're excited to start your new job. Don't overuse exclamation points, but feel free to express your enthusiasm in a way that feels natural to you. 

Some examples of this type of writing are: 

"I'm thrilled to join your team and can't wait to be a part of it. Thank you so much for the opportunity." "It's such an honor to have been selected for this position. I have always had a lot of respect for the work the company does, and I am looking forward to getting started." 

Confirm the Details

Confirming your start date and job details can help ensure that everyone is on the same page. Include details such as salary and benefits to make sure there is no confusion.

Accept or reject the proposal

You can indicate whether you would want to accept or decline the job offer in the following paragraph of your thank-you letter. Make sure you convey your excitement if you decide to accept the offer. Make sure you are courteous and respectful if you decide to decline the offer. Give a brief explanation of your decision to decline the position and indicate that you would like to keep in touch with the business in case there are any future job openings.

Give your contact details.

It's crucial to include your contact details in your thank-you note so the employer will know exactly how to get in touch with you in the future. This provides a time for you and the employer to go over the specifics of the position and your initial actions on the job. You can express your gratitude for the job offer by saying "thank you" one more time after providing your contact details.

Edit and proofread your correspondence.

Make sure to carefully review and edit your letter after writing it. This might assist you in making sure your thank-you note for the job offer seems professional. When editing your letter, bear in mind the following components of professional writing:

  • Grammar and spelling: Check your letter for any spelling or grammar mistakes and make the necessary corrections. To find any mistakes, you can utilize a word processor or an online proofreader.
  • Formatting: Ensure that the formatting of your letter is standard. To assist you in creating a professional letter format, you can use a template.
  • Clarity: Make sure your sentences are clear and succinct. You can keep your letter concise by keeping it to less than one page.
  • Tone: A thank-you note for a job offer has to seem kind and professional. Make careful to speak in a polite manner.

Forward your correspondence.

You can submit the employer your final draft of the thank-you letter after accepting a job offer. Your letter can be sent via email or regular mail. If you decide to send your letter by email, make sure the subject line is appropriate and you use a business email address. You can be brief and straightforward with your topic line. Put your name at the top of the email along with a brief description, such "thank you" or "acceptance letter."

Job offer thank-you letter template: 

This one can be written more quickly by using the template: 

Subject: [Your name] 

Acceptance Letter Dear [hiring manager], 

I am grateful that you have extended an offer to me to work at [company name] as [job title]. 

I truly appreciate your time and consideration, and I am happy to accept the position. As we proceed, I would like to clarify [your questions about the position]. 

Please get in touch with me at [your contact information] to discuss the next steps. 

Once again, thank you for this opportunity; 

I look forward to working with the [company name] team soon. 

Sincerely, [Your name].

Example thank-you letter for a job offer

Based on the previous template, the following is an example of a thank-you letter for a job offer:

Subject: Acceptance Letter for Jane Franklin 

To Ms. Flew,

I appreciate you giving me the chance to be a marketing coordinator at Coperate Insurance Marketing. I am truly grateful for your thoughtfulness and time.

I'm glad to take on the role of marketing coordinator. I would like to make clear your company's policy regarding remote work as we proceed. Please contact me at 850-895-4673 or [email protected] to establish the next steps.

Thank you again for this opportunity. I'm excited to work with the Rising Higher Marketing team soon.

Sincerely, Jane Franklin